Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read all the terms and conditions below before considering ordering and make sure you understand and agree to all of the terms and conditions.

Tremblay Designs and duplication

Each suit is made and created just for you so you can be sure that no duplication of your suit will be made by Tremblay Designs. This also means that Tremblay Designs will not reproduce a suit from another designer or try to imitate a suit in any way.

Order delay

All suits are hand crafted so a minimum of 12 weeks’ notice (or more) is required to ensure the delivery of your suit in time.  Rush orders will be considered depending on current workload and additional charges may apply. 

Order form

Please complete the order form in the "order suit" section. Upon receipt of this form, I will contact you to confirm if your suit can be created on time for your show.  Make sure to add your contest date. Contest weight and measurements are also required.

Suit design, fabric and embellishments.

After the receipt of your deposit I will contact you via e-mail to set and confirm all the details of your suit including fabric selection, suit style and embellishment s. An e-mail will be sent to you for your acceptance of the details. Suits will be shipped as ordered and any changes are subject to additional charges.

Tremblay Designs uses only high quality fabric and ornamentations but normal wear may occasionally result in the fading of the fabric in high friction areas. Tanning products also tend to fade out some of the fabric color especially holograms and metallic coating. This is unavoidable.

Tremblay Designs is not responsible for the durability of the fabric, ornamentation or laundering of the suit. Cleaning instructions are provided but will not guarantee that tanning products or any other fitness products can be removed from the fabric.

Swarovski Crystals

Tremblay Designs uses only Genuine Swarovski crystals and high quality glue made for crystal application. However, at time, there may be a few crystals that can fall off due to natural wear and the stretch of the fabric. This is normal but it should not affect the overall look of your suit. Tremblay designs would provide you with extra crystal so you can replace them easily.

Deposit and payment

Deposit is to secure a date in my schedule for the making of your suit. This is a guaranty that no one else will get that spot and that you will get your suit on time.

Once the order form has been completed and sent by the client, a 50% deposit is required in order to secure your spot on my schedule. The deposit is payable through PayPal and must be received within 5 days. Your order will be secured and processed only upon receipt of this 50% deposit.  Note that the 50% deposit is not refundable and work will not begin without it. Once all order details and deposit payments are completed in full, I will notify you of your suit delivery date. This date is approximately 2 to 4 weeks before your show.

Making of the suit

The making of your suit will begin 4 to 5 weeks before your show date and I will be contacting you before I start working on your suit for updated measurements and pictures .Final payment is required when work begins on the suit and must be received before shipping. Note: All prices are in Canadian currency.

Postpone the making of your suit.

If you need to change your show date and postpone the making of your suit to a later show during the year you must contact me to let me know at least 8 weeks before the date we had originally set and you will get no charge to make the change. That time frame will give me enough time to book another suit to be made on that date. If you should decide to change date after that point you will get a 10% charge of the total of your order (minimum charge is $50) to postpone your order to a later date.

Express Post

Tremblay Designs will not be responsible of any lost, damaged or late delivery of any suits shipped via Express post. Suits will not be replace or reimburse. We highly suggest choosing FedEx.