The Right Suit


The suit design must compliment your body type, not all suits style can fit your symmetry perfectly and that's why each suit is specially create and designed just for you, each design is unique. One of the most important things to look for in a suit is if it corresponds to the length of your legs and torso to make sure it will compliment your body. You only have a few minutes on stage to show off your hard work and dedication, so the suit must pay tribute to your physique and fit your body perfectly.

I will personally create and design each swimsuit with the highest quality fabrics and ornaments. Each suit is personally tailored for you through our extensive consultations. Your suit will enhance your body type to the fullest and will be absolutely stunning on stage.

Colors & Design

Colors can make all the difference. Depending on your skin tone you must choose the right color. You want to shine on stage and dazzle the judges, so you should select bright colors and shiny stones for your costumes. Bright suits always tend to catch one's eye more. Dark colors are also very good as long as you make sure to add a lot of rhinestones, this is going to make you stand out and look like a Queen.

I can't stress color enough, it should attract the eye and also create a good contrast with your own skin tone. Avoid colors like, beige, copper, brown etc. Those colors are in vogue, but do not work well for fitness, as they will look bland and washed out against your skin.

As I said previously, if you pick a dark color, which tends to be asked a lot recently, you must have a lot of stones on it so that you can be seen against the backdrop. The stage background is typically dark and most of the time black. If you want to stand out and make an impression, you suit needs to sparkle. Otherwise there's a chance the judges will not remember you as much as the other girls and they will not be able to properly perceive the silhouette of your body.