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Sylvia Tremblay is the owner and designer of Tremblay Designs.

Fitness competitor since 1997, and holder of many fitness titles. This year she has won the Fitness Arnold Classic Amateur as well as the world qualifier. This last one gave her the opportunity to go represent Canada at the IFBB world Championship next October in Italy.

She has been creating swimsuit designs for 20 years and has always makes her own Fitness costumes. Six years ago she has start her business creating master pieces for her fitness and figure competitors.

Since then her business never stopped to grow. She has suited over a 1000 girls in the Fitness industry. Her suit has been seen in several magazines and covers such as Oxygen, Muscle Mag, Natural muscle and many others.

Her designs as been worn by the top fitness stars in the industry such as Adela Garcia, Alicia Marie, Lindsay Messina, Margaret Diubaldo, Jennifer Nicole Lee and many more…

Tremblay Designs gives you the guarantee of the highest quality suits in the industry as she is only using the best quality fabric and genuine Swarovski rhinestones.

A little more about Sylvia

April 1997

A very important time and turning point in my life. I learned about fitness competitions and, only 6 weeks later, I was doing my first show. Since then, I've never looked back and it's become the biggest passion in my life. That first competition fuelled my fire for this sport and from it I had set one thing in my mind, that being going to the Fitness America Pageant (FAP) in California. In August 1999, I won my first show, the Fitness Canada Pageant in Toronto (FCP), which brought me closer to attaining my goal.

The victory qualified me for the FAP and, 2 months later, I was in California with all the famous fitness competitors. I was proud to have placed 22nd overall in a field of over a 100 competitors. I came back home with one goal in mind; to come back and win. I worked hard and won the FCP in 2001 and 2002, then placed 4th at FUP. In November 2002 my dream finally came true…I won the Fitness America Pageant!!!

My Mother

She was a great seamstress and had been making my clothes ever since I was born. I basically grew up around a sewing machine and would always be asking my mom questions, I'm quite certain all my questions drove her crazy! At the age of 10, I decided that it was time for me to do it myself and I made my first skirt. I've been sewing ever since. I made my first swimsuit 14 years ago, and I now design and create all my own suits and costumes for my fitness competitions.

The Beginning

Since the very beginning of my fitness career I was asked by other competitors to make their suits, so then it's in January 2003 that i finaly decided to start my business. I'm now very proud to have my designs worn by the most beautiful and talented ladies in the industry.

The Most Important

One of the most important things for me is to create unique designs using the best fabric and genuine Swarovski rhinestones. I want you to look stunning on stage. I know how hard and dedicated you are in your training and dieting, putting all your effots to look your nest on stage. Let be honour your hard work with one of my unique design and create the suit of your dream. You deserve to walk on stage proudly, with the confidence of a winner.

Sylvia Tremblay